Our activity criteria for each age group is tailored to meet every child’s individual needs, whilst remaining innovative, creative and perceptive. We will provide the structure in which children can discover, try out, plan and choose for themselves, enabling them to learn and develop to their full potential.

Our staff get to know the children and develop the activities to the child’s individual development and capabilities. By working in small key groups and on a one to one basis at any time needed. The staff work alongside the regulations of the national welfare standards planning indoor and outdoor activities for the children.

Our curriculum is based on a :

  • Well planned and flexible learning environment for children.
  • Realistic goals for children based on the assessment of individual needs and interests.
  • Provides freedom and creativity in all of our activities.
  • Planned themes every month to teach children basic concepts.
  • Themes are planned around messy play and exploring the world around us by exploring different textures.
  • Children learn also through play and activities that are enjoyable, challenging and incorporate real life experiences.

Daily schedule

  • Children are provided with opportunities to develop their small muscles and eye hand coordination. Such activities foster independant thinking, planning, problem solving, language and social skills.
  • Children’s gross motor skills are developed through challenging and non-competitive enviornment.
  • Literacy and language are integrated across the curriculum and throughout the day through a variety of learning experiences.
  • Staff promote the use of the whole language approach by encouraging children to speak and listen to their friends.

The centre provides children with opportunities for:

  • Creation of sounds with voices, bodies and musical instruments.
  • Easy access to manipulate touch, play and explore musical instruments on their own.
  • Integration of music, songs and instruments with other activities such as art, outdoor play, stories and dramatic play.